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Happy Teddy Day SMS Messages | Quotes Wishes Greetings | Sayings for whatsapp

Happy Teddy Day SMS Messages | Quotes Wishes Greetings :- You know that teddy bear is the cutest thing that had ever been for the girls, yes guys they see teddy bear as a friend whom they can talk with, play with, fight and share their problem. Most of the girl do burn the teddy when they are sad or angry. The innocent teddy bear has no fault and it is also thrown by the girl because they are very angry at that time. So boys it is humble advice to you that you should not let this happen, I think you should offer a cutie teddy to your girlfriend because whenever she will miss you, she will play with that teddy and you will love to know that in the valentines week list this day also got preference in the romance and love. This day comes at 10th February and we should also celebrate this. At this time big mall and gift galleries earn best and good because of this day. Tons of teddies are prepared for the girl who so ever love a teddy bear and I think you should also buy this for your love. We have also mentioned about happy teddy day sms for girlfriend /boyfriend | him / her in our previous article and you should check it out.

Happy Teddy Day SMS Messages Quotes Wishes Greetings Sayings for whatsapp

Happy Teddy Day SMS Messages Quotes Wishes Greetings Sayings for whatsapp

 Happy Teddy day SMS, Messages

So this can celebrated in social media for those who wants to save money and bucks, now you must be thinking how the hell we can save money form this day. It is very simple, you can easily send a text sms or whatsapp messages in which a teddy bear is created with dots, slashes and commas, see how simple it is and from that money which you have saved you can go for a movie or some outdoor to have fun and romantic time spending. Yup guys I have given you the right idea about this and you should apply as soon as it is applicable with you. So here are some of those messages which can save you money and time too, just go through them and find the best for you and share it with love.

“Bears are just about the only toy that can lose just about everything and still maintain their dignity and worth.”

“There’s just something about a Teddy Bear that’s impossible to explain. When you hold one in your arms, you get a feeling of love, comfort, and security. It’s almost supernatural.”

“Teddy Bears are like keys. They’re always in the first place you think they’d be, and the last place you look.”

“It’s too bad we’re not all teddy bears. More stuffing would only make us cuter and cuddlier.”

Happy Teddy Day SMS Messages Quotes Wishes Greetings Sayings for whatsapp

Happy Teddy day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings

In schools and colleges you wished so many teachers and faculty saying good morning, afternoon, and evening too and now it is your life and you have been grown up and you should make the trend of saying happy teddy day to you friends and neighbours. Here are some of the wishes you will very happy to read them and I think that you may save them and forward it to your friends and loved once.
 “The guy behind the counter scratches his neck. “Are you being serious?” Her face is stoic. “Absolutely. I never kid about teddy bears.”
 “A bedroom without a teddy bear is somewhat like a face without the smile.” 

Dost Aapse jab hmari yari ho gai… Duniya hmari aur b pyari ho gai,… Is-se pehley ksi b cheez ki aadattt naa thi…. pr ab aap ko yad krne ki beemari si ho gai… O Vi daaktraan keya Laa-ilaaj hai.. Happy Teddy Day My True Friend

  Wen a TOUCH could HEAL a wound Wen EYES’S cud SPEAK volumes Wen a SMILE can confirm I M THERE then why do v need owrds 2 say ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Happy Teddy Bear Day

Happy Teddy Day SMS Messages Quotes Wishes Greetings Sayings for whatsapp

Happy Teddy day Sayings for whatsapp and FB status

On Teddy Bear Day, We Think Of PeopleWho Have Cheered And Encouraged Us,Who Go Out Of Their WayTo Be Kind And Caring,Who Have Enriched Our LivesJust By Being Themselves.You Are Such A Person.I’m So Happy You’re My LoveHappy Teddy Day Sms 
Teddy bear day…i love my teddy.Happy teddy bear dayYou are my sweetest teddy bear…Teddy bear day for Lover 
Love me Love my Teddy BearKiss me Kiss me my Teddy BearHug me Hug me my Teddy BearHappy Teddy Day Sms for Bf/Gf

Happy Teddy Day SMS Messages Quotes Wishes Greetings Sayings for whatsapp

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Teddy Day SMS for Girlfriend / Boyfriend | Him / Her

Teddy Day SMS for Girlfriend / Boyfriend :- So guys a very good afternoon to all of you and today we are going to provide you the latest and unique Teddy Day sms for girlfriend, boyfriend, him, her, gf and bf, so that you can all send and share these sms messages and quotes to your friends, boyfriends. So here you will get the latest collection of 2016. If we talk about little more about the teddies, these are those cute stuff or we can say products which girls go mad while even seeing them. According to a girl teddy bear is that cute thing for which they can do anything because they use to use this teddy in her daily life for example like while sleeping, when she goes upset and sad she use to talk to the teddy as the best friend. All this thing are the way to get a real good smile. This time you have to promise that you will definitely give her a cute teddy as a gift in teddy day. For that you can go to the gift galleries to find a cute and perfect stuff. We have also mention about Teddy Day Date in 2016 | Things to do onTeddy Day | Gift Ideas in our previous article, you may check it out.

Teddy day Sms

Teddy day Sms

Teddy Day SMS for Girlfriend

You know that 99% of the girl like teddy, so you may send her wishes because this will be a good idea. So if you are finding sms collection in the web and you have reached to us then this is the right place to find those stuffs which you are looking for. We have hired good content writer to make special quotes and sms art. So below are some sample messages, just go through them once and rate us by leaving a comment below.

A Cute Teddy Bear,To My Cutest Friend,On A Cute OccasionsHappy Teddy Bear Day!

 You are Smile of my Lips,Twinkle of my eyes,and joy of my face,Without you I am nothing,Happy Teddy Bear Day

Boy: Do U Hug Ur Teddy Bear
While Sleeping At Night??
Girl: Yes!
Boy: Can I Replace It For the Rest Of Ur Life?? :)
Happy Teddy Bear Day
Teddy day Sms for boyfriend
Teddy day Sms for boyfriend

Teddy day SMS for Boyfriend

Girls seriously I am telling don’t even think of gifting a teddy to your lover because boys hate cute things and stuffs. Simply send and share this messages and sms with them they will feel happy and better.

You're In My Thoughts And In My HeartWherever I May GoOn Teddy Bear Day I'd Like To SayI Care More Than You Know
 I wish I were a cell in your blood,
so I would be sure I was
somewhere in your heart.
Happy Teddy Bear Day
 Wen a TOUCH could HEAL a woundWen EYES'S cud SPEAK volumesWen a SMILE can confirm I M THEREthen why do v need owrds 2 say 'I LOVE YOU.'Happy Teddy Bear Day'

Teddy day Sms for girlfriend

Teddy Day SMS for Him / Bf

U'll alwys b mine 4 now n 4ever.U'll alwys b mine 4 ur my treasure.U'll always b mine pls tel me its true.Pls b mine 4everi'll always luv u...!Happy Teddy Bear Day
 Even If The Sun Refused To Shine
Even If Romance Ran Out Of Rhyme
You Would Still Have My Heart Until
The End Of TimeYou're All
( ' o ' )
I Need, My Love
Happy Teddy Bear Day

A Cute Teddy Bear,To My Cute Friend,On A Cute Occasions,Just To Say,Happy Teddy Bear Day'

Teddy day Sms for him

Teddy Day SMS for Her / Gf

Teddy Bear ki tarah tum hamesha hanste rahoMuskurate raho, khelte rahoNachte raho or soft raho.Happy Teddy Day

If u r a Chocolate, ur the sweetest,If u r a Teddy bear, u r the most huggable,If u r a Star, u r the Brightest,U r my FRIEND! U r d Best! Happy Teddy Bear Day

To Be Always With You
A Life With You,
I Hope, I Dream;
To Be Always With You,
How Wonderful,
It Does Seem
Happy Teddy Day

Teddy day Sms for her

So this was all from our side on the topic of teddy day sms for girlfriend, boyfriend, him, her, gf and bf and we hope that after reading our planned presented data and content before you, you will be glad to get the amazing guidance from us and we love to hear reviews, compliments and comment from our visitors, so definitely comments so that we get the chance to improve our self before you. And do not forget to bookmark us on your chrome and browser for find us in the easy way.

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Teddy Day Date in 2016 | Things to do on Teddy Day | Gift Ideas

Teddy Day Date in 2016 :- HI guys! Here is our new blog on teddy day and we think that most of the boys knows that a cute teddy bear is a strongest gift that they can give to their love, as we all know that girls are specially addicted towards the cute things, and it can be anything a thing or a teddy in their hand so guys it is now your responsibility that nest year you must celebrate the whole valentine week with you crush having a powerful plan, for you information we would like to say that teddy day is celebrated on 7th Feb, so starting searching and finding the cutest teddy for your girlfriend, so that you can impress her and she will also get an opportunity that what her boyfriend has gifted her in her own friend circle to make them jealous and feel proud. The fragile personality of the female character more often than not methodologies such things which satisfy them a considerable measure. In this way, the day is to improve the sentiments of your sweetheart with the peak of celebration joined with the amazing endowment of a teddy bear.

Happy Tedday day date
Happy Tedday day date

When is Teddy Day 2016 Date

So guys as we have mentioned above that we have already mention the date of this day celebration and now it is up to you that how will make this special for you love and crush. One thing we would like to share that at the valentine week do specially go for a movie which is releasing of Feb, it will make a special effect in you relation. Teddy day is booked to be jollified on tenth February, the fourth day of the valentine week. The merriment of fun and excitement requests the exquisite sentiments from both accomplices which plan to blend in destiny or the wedded couple itself. Teddy is the youthful bear which looks exceptionally charming and honest. So we have given information about this day and later on we will tell you the things what should you do now.

Happy Tedday day date

Things to do on Teddy Day

Things to do on Teddy Day – These are exceptionally basic things which one has been doing since old times and ought to keep doing it until the end of time. This huge thing is to above all else wishing the accomplice with some noteworthy lines and giving him/her the all the best of this teddy day.

1) One can take his/her accomplice to the shopping center and buy the teddy bear. The critical viewpoint which ought to be trailed by the lassie is only to give the amazing present of a little and adorable teddy bear.

2) The another more straightforward route is to take your accomplice to the strip mall where there is tremendous agglomeration of assortments of teddy bears. In this manner, your accomplice will be happy to see the ocean of her willed substances.

3) Be mindful about every one of the likings and hobbies of your accomplice. This illustration will elucidate you what genuine step you need to take in picking the teddy bear. Assume your accomplice preferences listening melodies, then obtain the teddy bear having a courtesy of singing tune in I.

Happy Tedday day date

Teddy day gift ideas

Gift Ideas on Teddy Day – Teddy is the fundamental blessing which one brings to the table to his better half or wife. As the women have more allurement towards the cuties and wish to convey such things with them to spruce up their states of mind and keep them glad at each minute.

1) Teddy is as a blessing is assumes the principle part in the jauntiness of this occasion. The endowments to be given to your lassie can incorporate more adorable toys and books on adoration stories.

2) You can likewise convey fragrant magnolias to pull the individual's fascination closest to your heart. Alongside it, excellent pictures having the messages of affection relations also can satisfy your accomplice.

3) Electronic gadgets like cell phones, tablets additionally can fit into the rundown of best endowments and presents to be offered to the smashes or love hobbies of one's for the benefit of this grand even